hey CFers, times are shitty.

i’ve got an appointment with infectious disease to yet AGAIN do more labwork, EKG’s, and upping my dose of anti-fungal medication.

problem is - i can’t get up anymore. it’s a severe struggle to wake up and even move from my bed when i don’t have to. on days like today, i know i won’t be able to get through the day without a nap. what’s worse is that i can’t tell if it’s just my CF needing me to do another clean out (which would suck since its so soon) or if its my body fighting even harder to keep a hold on the fungal infection.

either way, i think it’s time for a home clean out. fuck.

  1. nekotomoikimashou said: Boo gross :( Are you in a hospital in Boston? Do you need anything? The environment is trying to kill you but take it by the balls ok >:(
  2. insanitywithheld said: You still look beautiful sweetie. Keep your chin up :)
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